Any spare apples?

The majority of apples in Easterton Cider are sourced locally and we’re always on the lookout for new donors. If you experience an annual glut of apples, even from just a tree or two, please get in contact. We can:

  • Come and gather the windfalls
  • Harvest the apples still on your trees (with the aid of long poles if necessary)
  • Save you an afternoon of toil with a wheelbarrow, and weeks of working out to do with your apples

Get in contact to let us know!

Obviously, we will leave you some complimentary samples of the end product while we’re there.

Any sort of apple can be used, as long as the quality is reasonable. The fruit needn’t be perfect, but shouldn’t be anything that’s too unthinkable to eat. Slight bashes and bruising acceptable, rot is not.

This year we’re especially on the lookout for crab apples, even ornamental ones if in sufficient quantity. Crabs provide concentrated tannins which over time will reduce our reliance on imported fruit. Their high sugar content also helps give the ciders a boost.

Get in touch if you have spare apples on the way and would like to find out more!


We also source a proportion of our fruit from the West Country. These are bittersweet cider apples, which provide a dose of the tannins, “twang” and bite that cider-drinkers enjoy.