Fresh, Fruity, and very, very Moreish

“Toffee-apples and lemon zest on the nose, tropical fruit overtones contrast a rich fruit-cake base and a gentle twist of bitterness provides the finish.”

Retail synopsis:

The main blend from the 2021 season, a big, balanced cider with full tannins whilst remaining easy-drinking.
Crushability is typical Easterton Franken-cider, where local apples meet and greet well-travelled bittersweets, cultured yeasts converse with wild ferments, and depth and complexity conspire with bright acidity to deliver easy drinking satisfaction. Provenance is chucked out the window and the doors are flung open to flavour.

Dry with good carbonation. 2021 Harvest


Freshly Pressed Apple Juice:

Somerset Redstreak, Dabinett, Local Apples

Yeasts –  Lalvin K1-V1116, Spontaneous, EC1118 (bottling)

Yeast Nutrients – Lallemand Go-Ferm Protect, Lallemand Fermaid “O”

Priming sugar @ 8g per litre to provide in-bottle carbonation



Crushability equation crunched in