crabdab lab 3

Bitter. Bright. Balanced.

Retail synopsis:

85% spontaneously fermented Dabinetts (North Down Orchard, Somerset) bolstered by 15% Aberdeenshire ornamental and hedgerow crab apples. 

Off-dry, slight carbonation. 2021 Harvest.

“Orange, spice and leather on the nose. Mellow, earthy Dabinett shades quickly rise to a bright candy-phosphate peak which bursts in the mouth, leaving a delicate wave of bitter tannins ebbing slowly away. “


Freshly Pressed Apple Juice

Yeasts – Natural (Dabinett), Lalvin K1-V1116 (Crabs)

Yeast Nutrients – Lallemand Go-Ferm Protect, Lallemand Fermaid “O”

Priming sugar @ 8g per litre to provide a light in-bottle carbonation