A reprise of the Dry Run 2020, with a nod to the Halfway Wild…


Fresh. Acidic. Softly astringent.

Retail synopsis:

Same but different but same but different… The plan had been straightforward, a recreation of the inaugural Dry Run Cider, half Dabinett and half local acidic donor apples. The result is earthier, fruitier and more complex than the 2020

Same – Blend of 50% local fruit and 50% Dabinett

Different – Dabinett component wild fermented, locals done with cultured wine yeast

Same – Steely acidity and gentle astringency

Different – Broader shoulders, brighter fruit


Pairs astonishingly well with a full-bore Lamb Madras, bringing palate-cleansing acidity and punchy tropical fruit notes to proceedings.


“Lychee, leather and autumn leaves on the nose. Acid-led delivery of big bright fruit flavours, giving way to a lasting mellow astringency”


Freshly Pressed Apple Juice

Yeasts – Natural (Dabinett), Lalvin K1-V1116 (Donated Locals)

Yeast Nutrients – Lallemand Go-Ferm Protect, Lallemand Fermaid “O”

Priming sugar @ 8g per litre to provides good in-bottle carbonation


ABV 6.4%